Microscopic Insights

Dr. Candace Pert was at the forefront in Biochemistry, exploring emotion and feelings in relation to wellbeing. She studied Neuropeptides and their receptors, the biochemicals of emotion, which act to orchestrate many key bodily processes. They link biology and behavior to affect the smooth functioning of an organism.
Neuropeptides and their receptors are not just found in the brain, but mainly all around the body, acting in a network of bi-directional information exchange.
According to Dr. Pert, 98% of all information and data transfer occurs at receptor sites throughout the body. Every one of our 70 trillion cells is covered with thousands of receptor sites. Only 2% (yes, you read it correctly) of information transfer occurs in brain synapses. A recall is stored throughout the body in those 70 trillion cells.

Repressed emotions are stored in the body (the unconscious mind) via neuropeptide ligands, which remain held in their receptors. An overwhelming experience, that is perceived as physically or emotionally threatening, can challenge the normal coping mechanism of the body and remain frozen in what we refer to as cellular memory. The molecules of the repressed emotion, those Neuro Peptides, remain in cells and organs, blocking the respective neuroreceptors, and over time create layers of tension, inhibiting our body’s ability to self-heal.
These so-called traumas create patterns of misalignment: overuse or depletion on some level, reflecting upon lessons not yet learned.

Emotions and bodily sensations are intricately intertwined and can be brought to consciousness in Breathwork. Once we allow an emotion to be felt from a non-polarized view, free from judgment or meaning, the Neuro-Peptides stored in the cellular memory from a traumatic experience, can be released and re-metabolized out of our bodies through breath, sweat, etc.

Breathwork we can bring awareness to repeating automated responses and clear what holds us back, providing a fertile ground for healing and insight.
Our bodies are conditioned to survive. We are hard-wired to thrive, and we are not defined by our circumstances, but by our responses to them.
We can turn challenges into doorways to transformation.