Monica Reimann
Monika Reimann


My name is Monika. Earlier in my life, I was painfully aware of a split between possibility and reality. I tried changing outer circumstances, only to discover that it was a self-perpetuating maze of mirrors.

My first encounter with Breathwork was sensational. I experienced myself as a complete and all-encompassing presence.

As soon as the effects subsided, it seemed “out there” opposed to “in here”; I had not yet integrated it into my physicality and identity.

It seemed as if the body was in the way of experiencing that lightness and freedom as if it was not able to hold those high frequencies within its dense confines.

As I continued doing regular Breathwork, clearing trauma and residue from cellular imprinting, I began to live from greater ease, joy, and abundance, shifting the context, rather than the content of my life, and I learned to use my body as a doorway to transformation.

This practice of awakening to the human potential gives me faith in the possibility of a harmonious co-existence on this precious planet, and I’d like to show you what I have learned.

We find ourselves in the midst of a changing world that beckons us to follow our calling, and I believe that each of us holds authentic gifts that are waiting to be actualized. 

Breath, to me, is a readily available, reliable tool that connects us quickly to our deep inner knowing. Breath inspires us to live from coherence and synchronicity, and that there is no need to dismiss any part of ourselves.

It is my calling to remind you of how to utilize the amazing potential your breath holds.

Monika has over 25 years of experience in Pranayama (breath control) and body/mind practices, specializing in the field of body intelligence

”I hold a diploma in therapeutic massage, and I have studied with a number of renowned Breathwork academies:

primarily ‘Alchemy of Breath’ with founder Anthony Abbagnano, as one of his first students; and Giten Tonkov ‘Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release’.

The transformation I witnessed through Breathwork led me to embrace this practice professionally.

As a certified Breathwork facilitator I help people to safely liberate from trauma and limiting beliefs. The effects are increased physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Personal potential can be accessed and developed with greater ease.”

Of Czech/German parentage, Monika travels globally, predominantly facilitating Breathwork in Bali with individuals, groups, and retreats.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”

– Rumi –

Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice which promotes awareness with the intention of enhancing inner peace, health, wellbeing.
It is suitable for anyone interested in powerful, experiential, accelerated methods of healing and self-mastery.

Full-Spectrum Breathing

It is an all-inclusive practice, which establishes Presence, releases polarization (such as depletion/overuse, rejection/attachment), and restores the unrestricted flow of energy through the body.

We are able to uncover and let go of deep-seated blockages, often experienced as chronic pain, addictive behavior, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety or persistent health issues.

It is a practice for awakening out of suffering, ending conflict, and embracing ease and happiness.

A simple, powerful technique

The technique of conscious connected deep breathing allows us to address core issues instead of symptoms, unlocking and releasing the subconscious patterns that cause tension, and access heightened states of consciousness.

By following the breath into our body, and letting go of the need to fix or control our experience, including and accounting for everything, we open up to our ability to relax with what is. As we drop into Presence (an all-inclusive state of non-reaction) we are able to release contraction and resistance, and welcome all of our aliveness.

We have forgotten how to utilize that intelligent system of 40 trillion cells that coexists harmoniously and communicates with incredible capacity: our body.

Most of us learned to pursue controllable paths to predictable outcomes… And how is this working out for you?

Living authentic freedom with grace requires a much broader mind set, and it requires including all feelings, as well as intention paired with trust, and courage paired with mindfulness…

Just ask yourself: How often do you find yourself in your inner authority, and how often in inner apology?

Perspective is a powerful thing. If we define something as negative, our brain responds to it by creating an emotional state that reinforces that reality.

When we can reframe a particular experience, we can often change what happens as a result.

Whenever we judge or resist, some part in us contracts, and we return to a limited dualistic view of life.

Breath helps us to re-set, and live the mystery consciously, to evolve as we become, and to expand our creative capacity as we go.