Athletes, Yogis, and Martial artists have used the power of breath for centuries to boost their performance, stamina, and focus. Nowadays, elite performers such as Olympic teams, Navy Seals, and Silicon Valley executives alike use conscious breathing practices to step up their game. 

Sacred practices used to be passed down from master to disciple only. Now you can ‘qualify’ online. We have access to a lot of information, and it takes more and more discernment to choose what to invest our energy into with maximum benefit.

So where to start? The most immediate tool to sharpen discernment and create coherence is conscious breathing. Even simply focusing on the breath immediately gets us back to presence.

Respiration means re-connection to Spirit. Breath equals vital life force: that, which animates our body/mind system… that, which fuels the brain functions and provides oxygen for the cells in our body.

The first breath we take at birth is our last when we die. Life is a dance between these opposites, and hopefully, the remembrance of our essence, which bridges all polarities.

In the womb, and even shortly after birth our umbilical cord feeds us with nutrients and oxygen. If uncut, once we see the light of day, it continues for a few hours or even days, until it falls off by itself. Only then would we gently transition to nose breathing. That, however, was not the case for most of us.

As soon as we were born through the tight birth canal, into bright light, un-muffled sounds, and touch, the umbilical cord was cut. Suddenly our supply of oxygen no longer came through, and we began to suffocate. So, then the doctor hung us upside down, smacked us on the bottom… and this is how we took our first breath! … To cry!

Most of us took our first breath fearing for our survival. Our first breath entered our lungs in a much bigger way than it would have if it transitioned naturally from the umbilical cord to the lungs. We didn’t have a chance to open up slowly and gradually, so the first breath appeared to be painful, and maybe even rushed.

Many drew from this experience subconscious conclusions, like: ‘’Breath = Pain’’ or ‘’If I want to survive, I have to put up with pain’’

We learned various ways to breathe sparingly as means to survive. Using our full capacity appeared too intense and painful.

Most people nowadays range at about 30-40% of their lung capacity. Our breath is in direct relationship to our vital life force. Breathing is also our primary way of detoxing. So, we find ourselves in a dilemma, where logic and science dictate a different truth than our subconscious.

In Breathwork we can practice breathing more fully in a safe, supportive environment, gradually increase our capacity to handle stress, bridge the polarities within ourselves, and allow letting go of limiting habits. We get out of our own way and reconnect to Spirit. 

It’s simple, yet the more I uncover… the more the mystery of existence expands...
Clearing layer by layer of conditioned patterns and habitual loops of conduct, we become more authentic and selfless at the same instance.

When energy flows freely and unrestricted through the body, we begin to reconnect to all aspects of ourselves. We remember, how good it feels to be fully alive.

Breathwork gives me hope for humanity to end suffering, and to co-create a harmonious existence.