Survival vs. Co-creation

Inhibited breathing is linked to a perception, where the world appears to be an unpredictable or even difficult or dangerous place. This belief supports its own reality, creating a circle of cause and effect.

Survival responses are linked to the sympathetic nervous system and the reptilian brain. It only chooses between reactions of fight, flight or freeze. By repeating these reactions of survival, they become established and ‘second-nature’.

Changing the breathing pattern is one of the ways we can re-engage the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for rest, digestion and healing), rather than being subject to triggered reactions which we would not choose consciously.

Changing the breathing pattern by slowing down and deepening the breath, allowing the exhales to become long and smooth and soft, and the inhales full, active and even, restores the ability to choose our response in a conscious, creative manner, rather than re-act in habituated ways.

By pointing our awareness to sensations in the body while consciously breathing in this way, we are able to release the grip of past.

It is good to know it, but it only works if you apply it!